CME - Education
    A significant role of a Physician's Health Program, PHP, is to provide educational programs to the healthcare community at large, as well as to the participants themselves.  Such education includes the availability of the program and services provided; addiction as a disease including diagnosis, treatment and continued recovery; mental illness as a disease including diagnosis, treatment and continued follow-up; other physician well-being issues such as physical health, work-holism, stress management, suicide, age related physical and mental decline, and life outside of the workplace.

Our educational programs offer CME credits.  We provide educational programs to hospitals, medical staffs, medical societies, medical schools, residencies, medical boards, law boards and interested others.  If you are interested in an educational presentation, please feel free to contact us.

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  Potential Impairment in the Healthcare Professional and the    
  Physicians Health Program Web Course
   Credit: 1.5 CME, 1.7 Nursing Contact Hours
   Credit Fee: Credit for this course is provided free of charge.

   Target Audience: Physicians, Nurses, PAs, Residents, and Students working within hospitals or   
   outside hospital systems.

   Following completion of this web course, participants should be able to:

    •explain illness and impairment recognition in healthcare and other licensed professionals.
    •begin the implementation process of identifying and managing matters of individual             health for healthcare and other licensed professionals.
    •explain the process of referral to the WVMPHP, by self or others, in a confidential,           
            professional and respectful manner.
    •demonstrate knowledge of the commitment to quality and expectations for those who work in
            the patient care setting.